Best Buffet Restaurants in Bangalore

All of us just love the eat-till-you-drop-buffets, don’t we? Buffets are perfect for a team lunch or just want to hang out with your family or want to step out for a romantic date then here are the best Buffet restaurants to satisfy your appetite and boost your moods – you get a taste of everything without putting a hole in your pockets.

So, for the days you are up for a little buffet session, we bring you a list of the tech city’s best deals.

  1. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is a must visit for a foodie. The concept of live grill on your table makes the dry starters, especially non-veg sizzling and delectable. I would say the Grilled chicken, Fish, Mutton, Prawn definitely steals the show. They offer a variety of desserts to choose from including dates and Coconut pie, Shahi tukda, Chocolate brownie, Kesari phirni, etc.

Service is good and the staff is friendly. They also entertain by dancing on a song in a group. Barbeque Nation knows how to keep the experience exciting for the customer time and time again.

Where: Indiranagar, Koramangala, JP Nagar, Whitefield, Kalyan Nagar, Ulsoor, Electronic City

  1. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill

Serving rich North Indian food with a contemporary twist, the unlimited fare at Punjab Grill is nothing short of heavenly. Punjab Grill is conveniently located opposite to the famous forum value mall in Bangalore. The ambiance is classy and posh. For starters they have lined up with Bhatti da murgh, Mutton sheekh, Panner tikka, Bhutte ke kebab.

The main course has Murgh tikka masala, Meat Punjab grill among others. The service is really good. They have very extensive menu apart from buffet.

Their popular Murgh Tikka is so succulent and juicy, you’ll definitely be going back for seconds, and the Mutton Raunaqeen Seekhan is one of the best Seekh Kebabs you’ll ever have. Never miss complementary pan shot in the end with bill.

Where: Koramangala

  1. Soul, Svenska Design Hotels

They have an impressive menu in their buffet with nice dishes, both veg and non-veg, starting with welcome drink, they serve starters, main course and desserts in tandem. The starters are pretty good, with a mix of North Indian and South Indian flavours. The main course will feel extra as starters will fill your stomach. However, the dishes are delicious and you’ll find innovative dishes too. Desserts have variety and each is recommended, especially the Gulab Jamun and the Tiramishu Cake.

Where: Electronic City

  1. The Glass House – Deli Bistro Bar

Surrounded by its gorgeous glass facade, and beautiful interiors, this bistro and bar offers American, Continental, Japanese and European fare with a burst of flavours. Keep an eye out for their complimentary breads served with olive oil, roasted peanuts, rosemary, thyme and oregano. Pastry Chef Suresh is the man behind their delectable Creme Brulee and theatrical Sorbet. Reasons why you should visit the Glass House Bangalore? Their Goat Cheese Lollipop and Asian Pear Salad, of course. They also have a wine wall, showcasing their unmatched collection of wines from across the world.

Where: Lavelle Road

  1. Ji Hazoor

Ji Hazoor

This opulent Mughal-themed restaurant is known for its royal ambience and is considered as one of the good options for its dishes like Murgh Taka Tak, Gosht Rogan Josh, Murgh Hari Mirch Wala, Murgh Reshmi Tikka and Shahi Paneer.

Where: Whitefield

  1. BonSouth

With its huge array of signature style Malayali dishes prepared by Chef Manu Nair, don’t miss out on their oh-so-delicious Malabar Prawn Fry, Mangalore Coriander Fish, Mutton Cooked with Sour Leaf Masala and Raw Mango Steamed Fish.

The South Indian foodie in you will believe that there’s nothing like South Indian food. The restaurant has a live kitchen where you see the making of all your starters – the Idlis, Mini Uttappams, Dosa rolls, Adai, Kerala banana fritters, South Indian spiced BBQ corn. Each of these starters had a lovely typical South Indian flavour with an innovative twist.

For desserts there is this absolutely wonderful tender coconut Kheer that deserves a special mention. And of course there are pastries, ice cream and to top it all off, freshly made Jalebis!

Where: Koramangala

  1. The Black Pearl


The Black Pearl is the only pirate theme restaurant in Bangalore. The ambience is magical and innovative. They play very good music in background and have live music play on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. It really gives you the feel of a pirate’s ship. The buffet is a blend of Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. They have the facility to serve barbecue on your table over the grill. It is definitely a great place to dine out with your friends and family on weekend.

Where: Koramangala

  1. Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

For foodies looking to binge on authentic pure vegetarian fare, Rajdhani is just the ticket for you. Serving a mix of Gujarati and Rajasthani food laden with ghee, there are 2-3 farsans, 8-10 main course items and 3 dessert on offer. Dig into their irresistible Daal Baati Churma, Marwadi Kadhi, Jalebi with Rabdi and lots more.

Where: Indiranagar, Whitefield, JP Nagar

  1. AB’s- Absolute Barbecues

The tantalising aromas of Absolute Barbecue Bangalore, the wish grill concept is very unique and its grill choices include rabbit, quail, emu, shark, prawns, squids and many others. Main course too has a lot of uniqueness like crab curry, chicken biriyani and many other varieties. They have live Dessert counter where dessert can be customized. You must also try their Grilled Pineapple served with cinnamon and honey, as well as their customised Ice Creams.

Where: Marathahalli

  1. Banjara Melting Pot

banjara melting pot

Serving North Indian, Coastal and Pan-Asian Cuisine, everything at Banjara Melting Pot comes with the ‘wow’ factor. You have to try their mouth-watering Mangalore curry, Laal Maas and Hara Bhara Kebabs. The coarse ground Kori Sukka served with Neer Dosa also deserves special mention.

Where: Cunningham Road

  1. 100 Feet BBQ Lounge

The newly-opened 100 Feet BBQ lounge, in the De Oriell Boutique Hotel in Kormanagala, serves fine barbeque starters and a buffet with many options. The meal starts with a welcome drink, a refreshing mocktail. A total of 11 starters, five non-vegetarian, including sea food, and six to seven vegetarian starters, are promptly served.

A mix of Indian, Pan-Asian and Continental cuisine is served at 100 Feet BBQ Lounge. There are 10 main course items, including steamed and flavoured rice and five non-vegetarian items, comprising of mutton, chicken, fish and biryani. The overall experience at 100 Feet BBQ Lounge is fulfilling and worth a visit.

Where: Koramangala

So where are you heading for the eat-all meal this time?

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