Talk Music with Dj Hassan

He’s a super DJ, Remixer, Producer, Arranger and a DJ trainer since February 2008. He’s been in the industry as a Dj and event manager for 3 yrs. He has mastered his music with House, Electro bollywood, Specialized in club gigs an private gigs around the world. None of you would realize that he is one of the most popular differently abled athletes, he is Dj Hassan.

Born in the garden city (Bangalore) as specially gifted (one-handed), he has always had a passion for music. With the guidance of his teachers, support and prayers of parents and craze of his lovely fans he has enthralled the music lovers and connected with people through my music.


Today we talked with an awesome DJ, and an wonderful person at heart, DJ Hassan. While he gets ready for another blasting gig at a club, he spares few minutes for us, and lets us into his world of music and dreams.

1) How did you start with DJ’ing?

I have always felt that I can express my passion through my music. In high school, inspired by my friend Dj Viju, I felt this what I want to do. Through the guidance of good teachers, I started composing and mixing my own music tracks.

2) How do you keep a crowd united and upbeat in chaotic situations?

It depends on the energy levels of the crowd, I always try to match my music with the occasion, mood and the energy of my audience. I start slow, then take it higher and higher, at the end of the gig, I can feel the happiness in the audience, which is my trophy.

3) How long have you been in this industry? How further do you see yourself in a few years?

I have been playing from my school days, and my friends use to invite me for their birthday’s etc for playing music. I got recognition and started professionally in the year 2008.

4) You’ve played at a lot of venues. Which crowd was the most energetic?

I have many memories, but the most energetic was the young college crowd at Cambridge College, London. They loved the music, they understood the music and the beats and they tapped to my beats, which made me wild.

5) What kind of things are inspiring your stuff at the moment, those external influences?

I get inspired by little day to day things, like enjoying a beautiful sunset or little sounds and influences that make a person happy, or surprised. My friends are very supportive and encouraging in the projects.

Also, when I drive through the city, I feel Amazing, as I ride my bike and car with one hand. I feel I can do as much as a normal person can. I communicate the same positive energy and excitement through my music.

Dj Hassan

6) What is the most interesting or fun experience you’ve had while in playing in a restaurant/lounge?

A song request to me and the way they dance on the floor at lounge. I always get energized when people do this, when they come close and cheer for me, and when they rave to my beats.

7) In which place you’d love to play again and again?

Every place has its own charm. I’d love to play anywhere on the earth were music exists, and places where they (my fans) want me again & again.

8) Name one Dj who inspires you.

My friend DJ Viju. When he starts playing, people let their hair down to feel the sensational vibes and start tapping as if they’re lost in the music.

9) Do you like Coke Studio? If Yes, Why?

Yes. There is a lot to coke studio, than any other studio. It produces one of the best fusion music. It also promotes local music culture and songs of the folklore. Although there are a lot of singing shows on the TV today, Coke Studio is one of the most refreshing shows regarding music.

10) Any advice you would give to younger Dj’s?

Work hard as there is no shortcut, enjoy your music, be down to earth to all, and respect everyone. And let no barrier stop you from achieving your dreams. Barriers are only made to make you stronger.

11) On which major platforms have you mesmerized your audience to this day?

To this question he emphatically lists us a lot of well-known venues.
A few of the Hotels in which he has played:
Leela Palace, Taj Westend, The Park, Le Meridian, Chancery Pavilion, etc.
A few members rated Clubs that he had done shows at:
The Club, Bowring Institute, Hockey Stadium Club, etc.
A few resorts where the DJ has performed live gigs:
Eagleton resorts, Palace Grounds for Weddings and commercial parties, Manipal County, Royal Arcade, Gold coin club and resorts.
A few of the Corporate Clients Dj Hassan dealt with so far:
Accenture, IBM, Infosys, AOL, Fidelity, Oracle and HP Invent.

He also did International gig 4 times on public demand in Doha at Horizon Manor Fahrenheit, and in Dubai for Plush Velvet Underground.

“I have been awarded at Cambridge College as the Best DJ 2014. I have mastered in House and Electro Bollywood music, and have done a gig in many major cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Chennai, Mysore, Nagpur, Udaipur etc.”

It was wonderful talking with DJ Hassan. He is one of the prime examples of what a person can do if he is determined to follow his dreams, no matter what comes in his paths.
Note: Artist Managed by Page 3 Events, for bookings contact Mehek – 9590754808

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