6 Epic Habits of Diehard Foodies

Social Media is filled with food photos – ranging from snacks, starters, main course, desserts, and cooked food. Attention grabbing photos uploaded by foodies make our lives easier, taking off the stress from our mind, making us smile, even drool, and increase our longing for good food. Foodies have a very special place in our hearts.

There are a lot of die-hard foodies around us. Some are insanely in love with it and won’t even care it food’s the primary reason they put on weight. But nonetheless, food has become a strong driving force in our life.

Let’s have a look at the habits of such foodies:

They get excited at the mere reference of food.
Happy for food

These people are one of the most diehard foodies ever. They literally live, eat and dream food. At the mere reference of anything food, their eyes lit up. Such is the craziness of these over enthusiastic foodies. Nothing else would give them the level of happiness that food gives them.

If you offer them food, you’re their best friend.
foodie friends

There. The true foodies are so nice that if you offer them good food they’ll be your friends forever. They might even go to lengths to prove their loyalty. Just buy them, or show them how to get good food.
P.S. If you love to eat too, then you got your best friend, for life.

Food is just food. They’ll eat anything.
Real foodies love eating so much that they won’t think of what to order or where to order. Just give them something to eat, or anything. They love everything food and don’t irritate anyone with a long list of choices. They respect food to an extent you cannot imagine. Such is their love for it. Of course, the only difference is whether they’re non-vegetarian or vegetarian foodies.

The local food-guide!
The diehard foodies keep track of everything from bars to pubs to buffet to current events going on at their area. You don’t need to tear down your hairs for deciding where to go. Just ask them. They’re the Google of hyper-local food search.

When sad, they prefer to eat.
What do you do when sad? Listen to music? Go out? Sleep? Or take a shower? Diehard foodies, when sad or stressed out, love to eat. The more they eat, the more they’re happy. So if you have such friends, you know how to make them happy.

Now there’s one habit of some diehard foodies, you might not like. It is:
Never ask them for a share!
Big Bite of food

Not all, but some of these foodies have a “This is MINE!” attitude.  They would never share their food with anyone. These foodies are not as interested in meeting people, as they are interested in tasting the food available there.

What other amazing habits do you find in a diehard foodie?
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