The Secret Behind “Maa-Ke-Haath-Ka Khana”

They don’t just produce consumable food from raw ingredients. For them, cooking is a solace from stress. It is a coy to bring out smiles on the tired, hungry faces. It is a form of love, that expresses itself through rich aromas and nostalgic taste.

Mothers day

They are mothers. From remembering everyone’s favorite dish to perfecting the amounts of salts and spices each day, they’re the unsung kitchen stars in every family. Be it in writing school essays, or whining about bad food in the canteen or remembering Maa-Ke-Haath-Ka Khana during wee days of our profession, this topic holds a prudent place in all of our lives. So how do all Mothers suddenly turn into master chefs?

We might never agree to this, but all of us have grown up from being a fussy eater to a moody eater in no time. So, our mothers have also evolved from an “ever-researching, meticulous” chef to a “frantic, cook-and-bake anything” chef, in order to see us fed and happy.

This is where the secret lies. Mothers repeatedly try to satisfy their worst critics, us, and in doing so, they have become unsung kitchen stars in their own rights. They can churn out delightful dishes in no time, any hour of the day, with as many or as few ingredients, yet suiting everyone’s liking.

mothers dayThey put every ounce of their energy into cooking up the perfect food you like, and making sure that you bear a welcoming smile everytime they bring a spoonful near you. They get only one day, inside which they have to work, cook delicious food, and then clean up. Still, they make such good chefs. Though now that we’ve grown up, and these times have gotten rare, they are still content with the fact that these times still exist.

Yes. When we keep whining about our frustrations and lack of time, she notices our needs and cooks up a delicious recipe which brings back the twinkle in our eyes. She understands everything, without even having a detailed conversation with us.

We miss those heart-filling dishes from our childhood dearly. Tell us about your memorable memories with your mother. Which wonderful dishes from early days do you remember?

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