Top 5 Lounge Bars of Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. That’s why, from romantic to purely sophisticated, the business capital of India, has some awesome pubs and bars that’ll leave you with unforgettable memories. It has great rooftop pubs as well as dark, themed waterholes that leave you spellbound with great service and unending stock of special in-house drinks.

Our experts sipped through the bars of Mumbai and found out five places that are widely regarded as the best by popular choice. They are:

Asilo, Palladium Hotel
The highest bar lounge in the city, Asilo means a refuge in Spanish. It indeed provides a shelter away from the chaos of the city, alongwith some well-known international drinks. Asilo has an ambience of sheer luxury with an exquisite bar menu with international beverages.

Aer, Four Seasons Hotel
Aer provides you an unique experience when you’re sipping one of the best hand-crafted cocktails, with the wide sea at one side and the sprawling city at the other side. Cocktails at sunset are popular, with the city’s lights on one side, the sea on the other, and a laid-back crowd moving in between.
If it’s the marine drive and setting sun that pulls you in, you’ll get the best views and more at the Dome, an exquisite lounge for the classy people. You’ll love how the views change from the hustling sea to the sunset to the stars and candlelights. Some awesome music soothes your mind. 

Toto’s Garage
What better place for an afterparty than here, where there’s a neon-lit bunker has the body of a VW Beetle suspended above the bar, a DJ playing in a Maruti van, and a traffic jam of hubcaps, number plates and bonnets hanging out from its brick walls. Good local recipes and a huge crowd welcome you most of the days here.
Trilogy is a lounge bar that’s officially open till 3 am, and packs some unique punch in ambiance. It’s psychedelic wave of sugar-cube like ceiling lights, classy elevator that goes up to 4,000 square feet of space with great sea view produce an eye-blinding vision. The first floored wooden bar in Mumbai, when you walk up the flight of dimly lit ruby red stairs scattered with VIP lounges you’ll love the expanse of lighting that has gone to making this look submersive. It has a large dance floor, vibrant bar and smoking room with ocean view.
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