Top 5 Breweries of Bangalore

While India is still catching up with the world as a good craft beer destination, Bangalore is proving itself a noteworthy home to some awesome breweries. With a range of microbreweries, Bangalore is steadily revolutionizing the beer culture in India.

Beer carries a rich legacy with it. Some interesting facts regarding beer and brewing are on this infograph:


Our experts did a survey and found the Top 5 breweries in the city, according to popular choice. 

Vapour, Indiranagar

Vapour is an eclectic mix of rock pub and posh brewery, it’s not much time since it’s opened, but is already doing extremely well. With typical six types of brew, they interestingly have some beer cocktails. Adding fruits, juices and other alcohols into the mix, the bartenders will make you a heady but smooth beer cocktail, and there’s live music too! Hit this place when you go brew pub hopping next.

 Regulars over here vouch for its roof top. Unlike other microbreweries, this place has just 5 amazingly crafted beers – Vapour Basmati, Vapour Premium, Vapour Dark, Vapour Wheat, and Vapour Ale. The prices are affordable and their delectable range of food compliments it very well.

Expert’s Pick: Vapour Basmati, Vapour Wheat and Vapour Dark

Toit, Indiranagar

Many locals pick this as the best brewpub in the city. Located in the heart of Indiranagar, Toit has been around for a few years now. With a great ambiance, and huge premises, the brews are quite awesome. They also introduce seasonal flavors like the pumpkin beer on Halloween and a spicy ginger-and-cinnamon infused brew for Christmas.

The microbrewery boasts of six regular brews – Dark Knight, Colonial Toit, Basmati Blonde, Toit Red, Tintin Toit and Toit Weiss, as well as several seasonal and festive ales. The most popular has to be Basmati Blonde. Make sure to book a table for yourself over the weekend if you do not wish to kill time waiting forever in the queue.

Expert’s Pick: Smoked Scottish Ale, Dark Knight and Colonial Toit

Barleyz, Koramangala

This has one of the most romantic ambiance a brew pub can provide. With a picturesque roof-top setting, splendid music and the beautiful evening sky over one’s head, people say they just can’t get over it.

On the menu there is Porter, Ale, Barleyz Special, Wiet and Blonde. When you are at the sky lounge you can generously see the fermentation tanks as well.

Expert’s Pick: Ale, Blonde and Porter

Punjabi By Nature, Koramangala

punjabi by nature bangalore
This is an upscale restaurant may fool you by its name but not after you taste its carefully crafted beers. This is one of those underestimated breweries in Bangalore.

Unhesitatingly one can go ahead to the Beer Garden and order appetizing platters of kebab over here, as the range of craft beers over here are limited and a bit monotonous. Wheat beer, German Lagers, American Ale, Roasted Malt and Belgian Wheat Beer are some of the varietals on offer, as against the prices which are on an expensive side. If they could innovate on the essence, then it could do wonders!

Expert’s Pick: Belgian Wheat Beer

District 6, Malleshwaram

District 6, that’s located in the plush locales of Brigade Gateway Campus, is a perfect place to get away with the weekday tiredness. With mild yellow lights, wooden flooring and the stainless steel tanks in the background District 6 provides a posh setting. One can even have some casual meeting.

Believing in minimalism with the ambiance, even the menu is simple with great and no frills collection of food and drinks. There are 6 brews on offer here – The Liebrator, Smoking König, The Salvator, Dark Lord, Radler and The Chef.

Expert’s Pick: Dark Lord

So that’s our expert’s list of the Top 5 Breweries in the tech city. What are your favorites?

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