Talk Music With DJ Rohan Kapoor

He is Rohan Kapoor. A music producer. DJ and a complete iron junkie. He says, “Music is my life and everything else revolves around it.” Rohan’s versatility as a DJ and ability to adapt to different crowds has led him to playing at many events and venues all over India.

Rohan spun his first record as a full time DJ in 2007 at the age of 24. Prior to this he played music as a hobby before taking a two year break to complete his masters in the UK.

DJ Rohan-EVF

While he specializes in playing House, Hip Hop and R&B, Rohan is capable at spinning wicked tunes across all genres and is capable of keeping a party rocking with ease.

1) How did you start with DJ’ing?
“That is a story for hopefully for an Autobiography I hope to write one day but If it had to be in one line I’d say, it was because of the influence music has upon me, of course.”

2) How do you keep a crowd united and upbeat in chaotic situations?
“DJs have the ability to take on any brief and then adapt this to suit the atmosphere and mood of the guests. There will always be moments where the energy levels of the crowd get high or low, and I am able to sense this. I just read them and adapt, you have to be engaged with them to keep up or build them up and act accordingly.“

3) How long have you been in this industry? How further do you see yourself in a few years?
“It’s my 6th year now and hopefully many more are to come. I have just debuted as a Producer too so hopefully I look to touring the globe and sharing my music in the years to come.” :)

4) You’ve played at a lot of venues. Which crowd was the most energetic?
“This is a tough one. Each venue brings a special vibe, but if I had to name one it would be where all good things started for me – PEBBLE. I’ve had some of my most memorable gigs there.”

5) What kind of things are inspiring your stuff at the moment, those external influences?
“Ah! Well, for me, music is just everywhere. Whether it’s while driving u hear some sounds, or while just watching television, or taking a jog or from the nature. Inspiration is all around me! I feel it just depends on where and what mood I am in.”

6) What is the most interesting or fun experience you’ve had while in playing in a restaurant/lounge?
“Again a tough one to answer. As there have been many, many experiences that blew me away. But there was this one time it was just me and 50 people dancing to the most unheard tunes and they were so in sync with my music, that was one of the most magical musical experiences as a DJ I’ve ever had.”

7) In which place you’d love to play again and again?
“Every venue I think. I think singling out one venue does injustice to the others. For me, each venue has its own personality and appeal.”

8) Name one singer/Dj who inspires you…
“Again there are many good people on the top. But one DJ that inspires me is Axwell. Some call him the E.D.M. leader in Europe. The latest versions he produced are both gut-thumping and tuneful.”

9) What are some of your best creations?
“I feel my best creations are yet to come. But I’m very excited about my new release, “PART OF ME”. Which is currently being signed to a label so have to be a little hush hush about it.”
And he giggles.

10) Any advice you would give to younger Dj’s?
“Love the music you play and don’t ever give up even if the world is hinting that you do. This field is all about passion and hard work and yes, networking helps, of course. But if you stick to the intent and hard work, the latter gets neutralized sooner than later.” :)

Expert Tip: Don’t miss out an opportunity to experience his music. If you are ready to let your hair down on an electrifying mix of House, Hip Hop, R&B and Retro played by DJ Rohan Kapoor, then go for it.

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