Treat Your Senses at Banjara – Goldfinch Retreat

Binod Kumar Singh, a professional at Kolkata, had been previously working at Bangalore for a long time. Once, he needed to find out a fitting place for a team get-together. For not 20, not 50, for 500 people. Very few places in Bangalore had that kind of space to let in such a big crowd to munch on their servings.

And then he was advised to go to the Goldfinch-partnered Banjara, just opposite the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. This was what he said regarding his experience: “Food, there, are awesome, I loved every recipe which they provided in breakfast, lunch and tea, and snacks in the evening. Plus you can watch the planes landing from close, which kinda take you back to your childhood memories.”

Banjara is one of the old restaurants that had made their name many years ago. Although it feels competition from many new venues in the restaurant scene today, this place at the Goldfinch hotels continues to draw upon many clients. It has a horde of loyal customers who’d swear by the quality and taste of the food provided.

Low backed chairs, nice wall murals and a wall mounted television (streaming live matches for the ardent cricket lovers) welcome you at Banjara. It has one of the most extensive menus. The kitchen staff provide a range of Indian, European, Chinese and Continental dishes to satisfy your palate.

Some good Indian recipes are the special Banjara Kebab with fresh herbs and spices and whole Tandoori Pomfret. The latter is as good as it can be, with a Mangalorean touch and essence. Almost all the sea food recipes are fresh and delicious. You can have Prawns Koliwada, they taste hot and spicy and delicious. From the (apparently limited) vegetarian dishes, Bhindi Do Pyaza is delectable and the Naan are fluffy and crisp, just as you’d expect. Meat lovers also won’t be disappointed here. Try out the Mutton Goli Kebab or the Mutton Rizala, with its aroma and juicy meat pieces.
Banjara kebab_evf

Banjara is also known for reviving some vintage dishes. Try the vintage Lobster Thermidor and Prawns Newburg, they’ll make sure the taste ignites a tradition of senses in you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste another rare dish — the Fried Ice Cream. You’ll definitely love it.

Banjara has good traditional and vintage dishes to ignite your memories. Although they need to revamp their menu sometime soon, this is just the place traditional food lovers would like.

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