Best Lounge In The City Of Pune

EVF Atmosphere 6
When you’ve space this vast and happening, you won’t be dare thinking of a second option for your evening recharge at a lounge in Pune.

The location and ambiance is very good with ample seating space, for different groups, i.e. groups, corporate teams, couples, etc. Awesome lighting accompanies open rooftop lounge with nice breeze and bar setting to carve out a perfect blend of memorable ambiance for the customer.  It is just outright classy and comes with a premium. A premium you generally afford with select people. It’s a boon for the weekend party goers with neon effects and glass interiors. The gentry here is very upscale and they have a good wine collection from local and foreign breweries.

atmosphere 6

They have compact hut-like seats which look cool under the evening lights. They say when you’re with a nice company things are near perfect. But when the staff pays you some extra attention (in prior booking) it’s the icing on the cake.

3K7A8777 press
Food is very good with a host of European and Indian recipes. Do try the chicken har gow, grill prawn lemon oregano and oriental spice chicken wings. Finally round off your meal with the delicious desserts offered. The services offered are very good, and if the day happens to be special for you, be rest assured you’ll be treated to beautiful surprises.

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