7 Epic Places In Pune For The Food Lover

You might be the Instant Tweeter, the Serial Instagrammer or the Check In Expert in your circle. But if you’re a devoted foodie then Pune is one of those places you ought to visit. It’s as much a food-lover’s paradise as one of the best education hubs of India. We at EveningFlavors love our food cravings! So we present 7 epic food joints in Pune, which have stood the test of time and are loved by all generations.

  1. Goodluck Café
    Goodluck Cafe Pune

    It is arguably the oldest café in Pune, and is usually crowded most of the times. It stands on the Goodluck Chowk, on the FC Road. An Irani café, it passes the real test hands down. The Caramel Pudding they serve along with Bun Maska and Irani Tea, has become a cult dish at the joint. They also make good homely chicken recipes. They say it used to be a favourite of evergreen cine-star Dev Anand once. The pricing is quite reasonable, although for some people waiting may be an issue.
  2. Marz-O-rin
    marz-o-rin Pune

    If you hail from Pune, this is one food joint you never ever forget. People have literally grown up eating its sandwiches. It’s a hot favourite among the many bikers of Pune who use the adjoining road for organizing bike rides. It’s situated on the MG Road. Classic café ambiance and one of the nicest breakfast menu are what attract the local youth and the expats alike.
  3. Vaishali
    This is another food joint that’s been here for ages. Never ever does this place seem empty – if you like the Dosas and SPDP (if you don’t know what SPDP is – go there and give it a try) They make awesome Sabudana Vadas – another Pune special – which are definitely drool-worthy. Vaishali is situated on the FC Road, along with another famous South Indian joint, Roopali.
  4. Vohuman Café
    Pune locals love this Irani café. It offers the most sinful and delicious Cheese Omelette – yes, a recipe as simple as that. It’s near the Jahangir Hospital, Sassoon Road. They also make a good Egg Bhurjee – you’ll love this case if you’re an Eggitarian. The place is smallish and crowds keep pouring in every single day.
  5. Kayani Bakery
    One of the oldest and most iconic bakeries in Pune, it has staunch followers till date. It’s situated on the East Street, opposite Victory Theatre. You’ll find delicious Strawberry and Shrewsbury biscuits here. The biscuits are infused with so much butter, that you’ll find your tea with buttery aftertaste if you dip them in it.
  6. 1000 Oaks

    Situated on East Street, Pune, this is an age-old resto-bar with some good retro music, great cocktails to start with and food that tastess awesome. This place is actually famous for the Barman’s Pitcher and you’ll definitely love it. Almost all of the main course is delicious so if you’ve to wait a little for the service, you won’t mind it. Just one precaution – you might not love it if you don’t like smokers or cigarette smoke. You can definitely sit inside and enjoy the music.
  7. Kwality
    Situated on the East Street, this place has a grand entrance. It’s been standing there since 1956 – and has seen many great people flock to its diner. You’ll find a classic ambiance and good responsive service. Both the veg and non-veg dishes are well-made. Try out the Kebabs and the Tikkas – they’re soft and juicy. Prior order is a definite for the weekends. Try the Bati Chicken if you’ll want a favourite from us!

Sujatha Mastani – Have a full glass of the Mastani topped with dry fruits and you’ll want to skip your meal. It’s creamy and delicious!

Bedekar Missal – You’re not considered a local if you haven’t tried a Missal Pav. And this place serves one of the best ever spicy Missal – served with sprouts, topped with dry fruit-and-corn flake mixture. It’s widely known for its lip smacking Puneri Missal.

So here they are. 7 legendary food joints in Pune and another 2 places for bonus! Do you have more such places in mind? Do let us know!

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