A tryst with exquisite delights!

The Goan cuisine is an interesting mix of many cultures. Goa Portuguesa dishes out an array of authentic Goan spread which is modified and standardized to suit the urban platter. However the authentic taste of the delicacy remains untouched. Goa Portuguesa was founded with the sole intention of serving and popularizing ethnic Goan food to the food-crazy Mumbaites. Today Goa Portuguesa has become a popular landmark for its authentic Goan food.

At Goa Portuguesa, various sea foods on the platter includes a variety of crustaceans like crabs and lobsters along with other seafood varieties like, Prawns, Shell-fish, Shark, Pompret, Rawas, Bangda ,and a vast vegetarian fare of MoongachoGathi , AlsandyacheTondak, Tender CahewSukhe (Money Back Dish) and so forth.

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