Flavors that tantalise the senses

25 Parganas brings the essence of West Bengal to its rightful place….To the West at Hotel Sahara Star!!!

With a fine array of exotic dishes, sweets and other favorites, 25 Parganas will personify gastronomic journey with an array of sumptuous and mouth-watering delicacies of Bengal, what some culinary experts have described as: “a master-class in service and dining” crafted by Chef Prasenjit Ghosh. Be our guest at 25 Parganas,

25 Parganas, the fine dining Bengali restaurant will revive all your fond memories of the lanes and bylanes of Kolkata and entice your taste buds with authentic flavors of Ruposhi Bangla – the beautiful land of West Bengal.

25 Parganas is a culmination of all that’s dear to the land of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sarat, Bankim, Tagore, Satayajit Ray and the many glittering luminaries. With a fine array of exotic dishes, sweets and other favourites, 25 Parganas will dish out fresh and fragrant cuisine of Bengal, under master-class dining and ambiance.

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