Connoisseur of the week contest

 Connoisseur of the week contest

Have you loved or hated a restaurant recently? Can you put your opinion/ on our website, informative, possibly witty style? If so, please post your review and get a fabulous foodie prize for you this Week.

Now, it is your chance to show us if you have got what it takes. Simply write a review up to 100 words about a memorable dining-out experience, or share a story about a restaurant you loved or hated. Each week lucky winner will get a 2 delicious Lunch Buffet absolutely free.

  • Write minimum 30 reviews  (Minimum 200 Words)
  • Find a restaurant on, you have visited recently
  • Write your review. Review should be original and Minimum 200 Words
  • Each week the best reviews will be picked by our editorial team
  • Winners will get 2 lunch buffer  absolutely free, every week
  • Every week you need to write 7 to 8 Reviews
  • You should be a Connoisseur (Write minimum 30 review then only become a Connoisseur)




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